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by Methix

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released February 25, 2013



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Track Name: 6 Minutes (Produced By Ace Ha)
add money to a relationship deceit will show
you try to suppress a man that's when he seems to grow
see i seen that whole scene and it seemed so gross
gotta keep your eye on your girl cause she beef with folk
you say Ive been knocked down on a bed of smut
i say I'm having a rest and I'm just getting up
i aint never stressing no ratchet
I'm attractive I'm handsome let me back at this rap shit

lets go just know you roll with a pro
I'm poking holes on my veins I'm overdosing on flow
until i lose control I'm comatose or I'm slow
like i need a straight jacket, overcoat or a robe
young Hugh Hefner its true whose fresher
don't judge the size of my dick but my huge huge effort
haters criticize until they hear something like this
and they start pounding they fists like that sick son of a bitch

i marvel at this life I'm finally liking what I'm making
opportunist with the food shit so I'm frying up some bacon
see i'm high enough up to be flying with such lust
its like retirement all day I'm firing up dutch
driving down the highway got that shit on cruise
new music from the dude put that shit on too
some call it a fetish cause i shit on dudes
you want it then come and get it i could shit on you

no knowledge on no boundary
see i don't see limits and physics pivots around me
no surprise the simplistic bitches doubt me
but everything alive will cease to exist without me
hold the ovation that's a pretty bold statement
til they see the world on my shoulders, I'm holding no weight yet
the distinction lies in the subtleties
you can pile on more and i wont buckle underneath

its the problem child in the office now
I'm monstrous toxic obnoxious foul
aint no doubt in the end I'm out to offend
like a creep heathen demonistic council of men
so barz stand up show em we aint playing now
how we school em on a track? show em how we lay it down
we take some clever shit integrate it with a sound
until the haters get enraged and rub their faces in the ground
so beyond what I'm supposed to know
i develop at a rapid rate like I'm supposed to know
my fears wash away in the oceans toe
so even if I'm going crazy i invoke control

don't this shit sound handsome
both hands in the air on every snare I'm snapping
eying up a girl you hope for interaction
she got a tray of drinks and you hoping for an accident
such an innocent chick
peeks my interest so i move in and assist
you'll never resist from the instant we kiss
i got all of the tools check my instrument list
its just something i know
that's factual a natural just one of the pros
so when you've had enough of his grey hair you know you need
to go home pick up the phone get a hold of me

i'ma break it down for every simpleton
looking on the bright side of a future that's never been so grim
when your broke you'll slowly go insane
and its within that we hope to provoke change
when you cross the street your supposed to look both ways
but i look straight and coast through both lanes
you know you've gotten fed up when you stress is up forever
like you not feeling great but your meant for something better
reality is a cold face
that looks you in the eye and tells you to just go away
this is my intro into fate
heard of success? yes? watch it all integrate

this here is nothing new to me
I'm in the studio usually
just rhyming about nothing
smoking a lil weed to inspire a lil something
half the time I'm peanut butter make a marriage with jams
the other half i just stare at my hands
am i too stupid to move maybe I'm crazy and foolish
maybe i wanna move and I'm just too lazy to do it
that's probably it
cause i just treat this shit like its a hobby to spit
but it don't bother me my artery grips
a love for perfection my heart is equipped
it don't matter what i say it just comes out nice
plus a lust for the English language that's felt outright
Ive developed intelligence that's hell for a man
am i celibate? that's irrelevant you can tell its the plan
fetch me my weed smoking shoes and my pipe
you get the dope i'll focus on a vocal booth and a mic
I'll put my feet up dazed and blaze the weed up
knowing life aint never the same when it speeds up

its been so long i was so low
had to hold on to my own so
but that's what you get with a repetitive mind state
in a slump for months and in one second was wide awake
ace sent me a beat so I'm checking it out
its got me tuning in with my head in the clouds
I'm lost in a thought with a monstrous plot
where I'm caught in this monotonous haunting of spots
and theirs another ghost there we always beefing and shit
maybe we take over the bodies of living people and spit
we could have the grand parents start battling at dinner
and when done look at the family like tally up the winner
and the rest look confused like they don't know what is wrong
then poof we leave each body and both of us are gone
could be a dope video concept
then again maybe I'm just talking non sense

astounding in the booth
magnificent gentleman outstanding and I'm cute
whole towns surround me when i move
naw I'm kidding i just pronounce sounds until its cool
I'm so slept on thats changing this year
the council is the underground thats getting famous this year
sit back bitch i'ma spit classic
got the zig zags rolling that riff raff shit
i'ma rap harder when i run out of funds
cause my barz are bullets, son of a gun
i'ma take the mic stand hunting for fun
on a busy street showing off stunting in tongues
i'll meet a psychic she'll gauk at my insights
when she tries to read my mind she'll leave traumatized for life
above and beyond what i dropped for root of evil
cough cough sorry coughing up some weed smoke
Track Name: Let It Breathe (Produced By Ace Ha)
girls think i'm hung, try to sleep with me its fine
i'm 5'8 with small feet read between the lines
genetically designed with the tendancy to shine
this aint a phase to me its my identity to rhyme
come play with me i will readily intertwine
my basic needs into the centered chi of a lion
got the energy of a tyrant
competetivly so better believe i get violent
i'm a leo, over bearing and i'm confident
i'm the needle that shes tearing up the condom with
to some people its apparent when the conflict hits
but some evil isnt glaring and its non descript
i'm in the building with a top hat
i'm an over whelming feeling, try and top that
labeled a villain and i'm not that
i should be paid millions to not rap
its very visible and plain
rappers wont have it they miserable and vain
gimme that hard shit i'm widdling away
during economic hardship and physical restraint
i need to muster up some teeth
still i dont feeze up or stutter when i speak
choking this beat til it mutters in defeat
ace screaming meth let that motherfucker breathe

i'm going back in with a morbid reanactment
cause they dont understand what exactly just happened
its kind of shitty cause i'm ahead of my time
i figure when they catch up i'll probably be dying
i sit alone i dont trust much people
so my gift to touch people without touching people
see i'm in tune with much
my intelligence is maneavering it use a clutch
its amusing they dont get a clue enough
whats that saying? stupid is as stupid does?
right now move back cause
when the dude snap your roof rack get moved back tons
i'm the new cat these dudes wack at spitting a rhyme
the representative for skill the definitive line
ya'll need a gimick so get limited time
and your image is their to mimik every minute is mine
i stop and i write
its awesome got my doctrine at rocking a mic
a problem when i rap i walk in and i snap
you can kiss the crack at the bottom of my back
why even compete with em
its easy see its like i'm joggin and i'm beating them
i tried teaching them now they dont want to eat with him
became frequent now every week i'm beasting them
secluded it gets serious quick
unknown canadas own mysterious kid
still they leary as shit
the outsides rough but the interiors sick
all these shows with unruly crowds
really makes sense rappers are groupies now
i scour the earth i'm moving mounds
wherever theirs dirt is my proving grounds
i need to muster up some teeth
still i dont feeze up or stutter when i speak
choking this beat til it mutters in defeat
prod screaming hey let that motherfucker breathe!