The Root Of Evil

by Methix

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released January 1, 2010

Featuring Subway Guy Woods And Sammy Brazil With Production By B1azeone Ace Ha And Filip Fundament



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Track Name: The Root Of Evil (Produced By Ace Ha)
Song: The Root Of Evil
Written By: Methix
Produced: By Ace Ha

(Verse 1)
its the dawn of a new age intelligent rappers
are few and far between were headed backwards
with my manuevering no questing who would win
i'ma make being a smart hooligan cool again...

yesssss i'ma take it back to 95
when artists made albums and rappers really rhymed
you bought a cd and it was interesting
you were instantly content to listen consistantly
its like were cavemen and times are changing
cause now a days i dont relate to what their saying
doin a dance while tryin to act thug
i wanna ruin this man if he try to act up
to many actors masks and acts its
a fact these bastards are wack and plastic
shit my plan is i'm back to smash shit
with massive masses of nasty rappers

the root of evil got people consumed
doin shit they shouldnt be doin to keep them ruin
i aint new to this music shit foolishness
who is this meth mic check 1 2in this
the root of evil got people consumed
doin shit they shouldnt be doin to keep them ruin
i aint new to this music shit foolishness
who is this meth mic check 1 2in this

(Verse 2)
you think you got what it takes keep guessin
its like skill level went and joined the recession
if i'm not the bomb in this game i'm detonating it
step in like i own it then start redecorating it
you faggots fake as shit and i aint takin it
takin out the competition like i stay datin it
my behavour is anger is the only way to save this shit
and right now its quite dangerous
these wayward kids would raise their fist
now they spray their clips on some blazin shit
crazy shit as close as your neighbour is
yeah so its caused a major rift
how insane it is we get away with this
2 hot songs an album i aint payin for this
cause all around the world all i hear is the same song
so i proceed to smoke weed so i remain calm

who smoke smokes ah weed
put your motherfuckin hands in the air like this
who smoke smokes ah weed
put your motherfuckin lighter in the air like this

the root of evil got people consumed
doin shit they shouldnt be doin to keep them ruin
i aint new to this music shit foolishness
who is this meth mic check 1 2in this
the root of evil got people consumed
doin shit they shouldnt be doin to keep them ruin
i aint new to this music shit foolishness
who is this meth mic check 1 2in this

(Verse 3)
the game is fake shit way to flagrant
i cant stand the fact you hold money sacred
chains and jewelery are cool to me listen
maybe you could give us some substance this instant
give us sentences with clever emphasis
just a suggestion in no way meant to diss
cash money will ruin us soon
i aint moddy my dude i'm consumed by it too
i just do what i do this is my example of it
its nuttin let me loose on the public
i'll run a muck in it bust my nuts in it
so many ohhh and ahhhs you'll think i'm fucking it
what the fuck is it thats got this nut flippin
some hot spittin thats got my tounge twistin
you mean well but attempts prove feeble
how you goto heaven when you chase the root of evil

the root of evil got people consumed
doin shit they shouldnt be doin to keep them ruin
i aint new to this music shit foolishness
who is this meth mic check 1 2in this
the root of evil got people consumed
doin shit they shouldnt be doin to keep them ruin
i aint new to this music shit foolishness
who is this meth mic check 1 2in this
Track Name: Shady People (Produced By Filip Fundament)
Song: Shady People
Artist: Methix
Produced By Filip Fundament

today things arent as good as yesterday
i'm still hazey on last nights escapades
the bank wants to come and repo my car
i'm curious to see the kind of people they are
cause they aint takin it without a fuckin fight naw
take your chances we could roll the dice ya'll
shit will get deep when i go broke
see i go home flip and go psycho yo
but thats beside the point things are all shitty
and everywhere i look things are all shifty
and maybe its just me but probably not
if i ever have a weapon you should probably call the cops
cause i'm liable to fly off the handle
and dismantle everything in sight leave it in shambels
this stress is killing me really its this humility
thats got me in this fucked up state i'm not feelin me

i'm moving fast through the faces of evil
now death is comming and i'm feeling the needle
contrary to belief we arent created equal
its a dark day in a sunny place for shady people

(Verse 2)
today things arent as good as yesterday
i could make you relate but i dont want to demonstrate
its days like this i want to put my pen away
and push rap to the side and give up for heavens sake
and other days i wanna rip stages
hit vegas maybe become a hit maker
like flip flavor until its stacks of cash
going down in history with my classic ass
but then it fades away and the depression sets in
i really aint afraid to say it
but i take write rhymes to convey it
painting mental pictures helps me portray it
but it eats at me its a confliction
i wanna write rhymes but dont got the ambition
these certain mindstates are making me find ways
to try and make it quicker to get to my dying days

i'm moving fast through the faces of evil
now death is comming and i'm feeling the needle
contrary to belief we arent created equal
its a dark day in a sunny place for shady people

(Verse 3)
today things arent as good as yesterday
but i just keep looking ahead to them better days
yes and i'ma keep this shit up
i'm datin music and i think were in love
and its nuts i think i really need answers
whens karma gonna come with throat cancer
shit thats the luck i seem to have
and if thats the case i'll be right back
gotta come correctly this might be my last
album that i ever do or even rap
and that would be a dark day in a sunny place
but it could also be a blessing in a funny way
cause all the energy that ive put into this shit
i could easily be owning a business
and quite possibly maybe even be rich
i dont like thinking about it it makes me sick
Track Name: Infected (Produced By B1azeone)
Song: Infected
Artist: Methix
Produced By B1azeone

(Verse 1)
im the angriest athiest to ever have a way with this
i'm dangerous and wont stop until i'm your favouritest
i'm datin this june 24th i came for this
bring it here or i'll break in and start takin it
i'm tastin it i'm starin in the face of it
think i'm abrasive? wait til i sand paper it
i'ma raise a fit when i blaze a fifth
of the green thats so good it makes you say you'll quit
someone save this kid hes insanly sick with
a dope flow that rivals liquids
sick and twisted i might sound intricate
but shit to me my rhymes are simplistic
and thats the difference from me to them
jesus when i get on a mic i feed on them
so i'm instantly addicted vividly this is
the hungar that makes me wickedly vicious
get down

i get down i'm hard to be stopped
hard as a rock i'll stop when my arteries clot
i get down prepare to bear witness
i'm a misfit infected with sickness

(Verse 2)
you got blaze to blame for this ace said i'm made for this
i wrote it go ahead tell me how great it is
its amazing kid i flip shit quickly
its risky these chicks fill my dick with hickeys
how many stds have been in these freaks
i could be in the hospital for weeks
with my dick dipped in liquid bleach atleast
i'm a beast tryna figure how to beat desease
fuck it i'm laughin nothin will happen
that already hasnt you couldnt imagine
i'm back rappin back in the action
back like i'm mad maxxin back with a passion
and thats that son blaze has laced it
ace has made a way for me to come and pave it
shit introducing me
i aint sayin nuttin else but get used to me
get down

(Verse 3)
i'm the baddest nastiest rapper on the planet
and ive been addicted since i spit automatik
i'm an addict thats it this is classic
bastards beefin with you would be fantastic
i'm an asshole breakin your backbone
i'm that pro that i'm kickin your ass back home
the game is mine and i'm ready to take it
everybody but me is pretty petty and basic
you ready to face this alienation
maybe i'm crazy yeah cause i came from a basement
my fascination with rhymes is what runs me
come see a starving mc so hungary
i'm just stunting this is nothing
this is the shit i do when theres no one but me
i'm kinda ugly but most girls love me
if that means you drop your pants and fuck me
get down
Track Name: Voices (Produced By B1azeone)
Song: Voices
Artist: Methix
Produced By B1azeone

i see them out of my periphirial vision
my imperial wisdom makes me want to serial kill them
its them demons in the night time that stalk and haunt me
but they will never get me cause i watch them constantly
walk with me these temptations always be taunting me
and still i laugh about those fuckers stompin me
roll with the type that always clean their laundry
i'm talking money right yes the evils want me
i see nothing but gholish figures when i'm dreaming
i try to run away but i freeze when their screaming
the evilist demons got me on the creep when i see them
and i do anything i can just to keep breathin
then i wake up like i hate nightmares
sweating perfusly i felt i was right there
i look around and shit aint on the level
i could die my whole beds surrounded by devils

theres always voices with me and i avoid them strictly
so i'm annoyed with this shit always toying with me
they sayin boy you sissy but theres a point you missing
i'm the one thats makin crime scenes go so grisley

i'm at their mercy ever so helplessly
they control me so i refer to myself as we
see we need this and wee need that
we need to be greasy see cause we need cash
so we just leave to feed these acts
and women dont you go nowhere we be right back
see we just snap and lose all control
so when we rob you of your soul we just laugh
we will kill ourself infront of you to tease your ass
but come right back like jesus ass
with my seasoned bat and beat ya ass
freakish cats that will leave you bleeding bad
screamin out loud like you piece of crap
police will grab us and we'll still beat the wrap
then re enact it again to see the facts
then you'll disapear like who seen him last

i listen to them frequently they seem to speak to me
ill freakishly strangle you in your sleep easily
hit you with seasoning no ones as hard as you
but we'll see how tender you get when i have the bar b q
wont argue dude we'll murder you snakes
with burgulars ways break in an the burners will spray
you cant win its a lose lose situation
ive waited my whole life and been very patient
i'm not clay aiken i aint no idol
i will beat you with the fuckin but end of a rifle
these voices say i should skin you alive
tonight but we'll just keep that between you and i
see we are insane and egotistical
i'm in your chest til my fist is full
with your organs and pull them out screamin
the anger makes me kill anything thats breathing
Track Name: Automahtik (Produced By B1azeone)
Song: Automahtik
Artist: Methix
Produced By B1azeone

(Verse 1)
mic check 1 2 I'm rediculously vicious
rappers make me laugh cause their wrapped up in an image
its a gimmick like gimme gimme the spinach
i'm waiting for them to finish so i'm counting down the minutes
aint a beat maker better then blaze
its veterans day forever so you better behave
i come in running ready to blaze mics
cause i embody everything golden like egg whites
yes your dealing with a professional man
its inevitable that i come with an incredible plan
god damn i'm nice you must admit
i spit so hard that i bust my lips
on the mic i'm a gargantuous monster
thats creepin in your dreams while you sleep just to haunt ya
its just the rhythm is a part of my anatomy
i do it naturally it come automaticaly

yo blaze gimme a beat
i'ma show these motherfuckers that i'm really a beast
and i'm willin to beef to the point its tragic
i dont even try to spit nice its auhtomatik

(Verse 2)
whoever said their flows tighter and want to battle the meth
is upset that i took the swagger out of his step i'm def
but dont make music for the hearing impaired
got a pair of brass knuckles so i'm always prepared
i aint never scared i roll with a crew of lunatics
that stay high like a stewardess
i aint new to this been doin it for eons
i need my weed strong and mc's to pee on
like the condems rippin its flippin obvious
i'm fuckin anonymous infront of an audience
you aint got the fricken balls to be cocky with
steppin to you gentlemen is like wrestling a hockey stick
i'ma grab you and snap you like a coffee crisp
with a grip that rips flesh to bits
you wanna test your witts then come test the kid
aint a man blessed with spits as fresh as this

(Verse 3)
yo ive had my game locked down since i was an infant
lyricaly gifted dissin a rapper in an instant
you can see my white ass off in the distance
all of these rappers runnin off the block to their bitches
scared shitless home prayin to jesus
cause when i come around i swell up their facial features
and make them ante up whats left in their pockets
money and watches and leave them layin unconcious
yeah i got this you better be cautious
yeah your crews underground but their layin in boxes
from the monotonous concepts their droppin i'm hot
and thats the reason their all in a coffin
i'm not stoppin i'm nicer then most
i come around undetected just like i'm a ghost
if your liking my flow then i'd like you to know
i got respect for you comrad rightfully so
Track Name: Empty World (Produced By Ace Ha)
Song: Empty World
Produced By: Ace Ha

(Verse 1)
this is a messege for everyone everyone run
got a very young tongue its my heavy gun son
i'll show up by myself to try and find some fun
but all these motherfuckers call 911
its reality i'm dope and so its sad to see
that actually not a single rapper wanna rap with me
a nasty beast leave a man deceased
all for the root of evil from my family tree
i want money its a bad desease
until my pockets when i'm walking sound like tamborines
if you dont know i'm your average joe
but i'm a rapper with above average flow
yeah it happens i can do this all day
its called talent now let me see your pissed off face
yeah hate me now and maybe i'll
bend or break you in half and make you face your bowells

were living in a empty world of hate and drama
lack of funds got you beefin with your babies mama
what goes around comes around like fame and honor
shit i know last year i had crazy karma
almost everything happened from a to z
so basicaly these people stay hatin me
its plain to see insane and cheap
to think your very petty hate instills change in me
naw it aint phasin me much
i love it i almost cant love it enough
its not my fault your whole lifes stuck in a rut
how about this move a side and fucking duck
yeah i think ive had enough
ive developed a dangerous way of acting up
with a baseball bat and crack his nuts
i'm nice shit i'll even leave you packaged up fuck what

even eminem knows this is a veteran flow
its a challenge to stop my toungue from letting it go
ya'll dont know its like hate controls me
and so i re channel it and let it own me
i take a break to give a shout to the lomies
i'm praying that i could get some teeth like obie
mine was knocked out and i just laughed
you three motherfuckers better watch your ass
yeah i'ma keep on that
shit i dont know why i even speak on that
infact i'ma switch it up i'll give you a facelift
i'm anxious to see you one on one and break shit
to all your motherfuckers that speak on me
keep it up you can blend in with the scenery
dealin with haters is a heavy hurtle
but thats the territory livin in an empty world
Track Name: Runnin (Produced By Ace Ha)
Song: Running
Artist: Methix
Produced By Ace Ha

(Verse 1)
i gotta start runnin these motherfuckers are comming
put one foot infront of the other i aint stoppin for nothing
i got something on me that i dont wanna be caught with
they catch me i'ma turn it into a mosh pit
i keep lookin back i think their gainin on me
but i keep moving and i think it will take an army
to stop me for real though i'm playin for keeps
bodycheckin people just to get through the streets
i'm a mean motherfucker aint on no fake shit
turned a corner down an alley tryin to be so evasive
but i hear their footsteps close behind me
i hear citizens screamin like they hope they find me
and i keep moving cant afford to stand still
their commin and aint stoppin til they see this man killed
my asthmas kickin in it feels so sickening
i see a door and race to it jump and kick it in

if you want something get it fuck runnin in place
you gotta get up get out and get somethin today
keep moving dont stop its the only way
cause hard work can pay off shit so they say

(Verse 2)
and kept runnin pray my legs dont fail me
if i cross there path bet them fucks will nail me
i'm runnin through backyards alleys and houses
jumpin fences i hope they give up but i doubt it
its a sick game of cat and mouse
that i intend to win so i'm mashin out
i keep runnin my heart is racing
i'm completely in pain even my arteries acheing
run through the park got branches hittin my face
startin to gain distance i'm gettin away
its the simplest way get the package and dash
as i look these motherfuckers right back on my ass

(Verse 3)
i keep movin now my second winds kickin in
jumped right over a chair that some dude was sittin in
he tried punchin me but i am to quick for that
so right in mid air i swung and hit him back
i hit the ground runnin to make an escape
cause i'ma rise to the top like i'm baking a cake
witnesses sayin please take him away
they got to catch me first and it aint today
its the 1000 meter dash and you bet i'm racing
cause i'm so close to my destination
i'm startin to die out now i'm slowin down
in the eyes of the law i'm the fastest poet now
hip hop cops almost got me surrounded
10 seconds til i'm at interscope records and counting
gettin a deals really somethin i need
i made it handed my cd to jimmy iovine